SEMCA Joins the Michigan Construction Movement

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Michigan Construction is proud to welcome Southeast Michigan Construction Academy to the movement that is uniting the industry and changing the way people connect with careers in construction.

Southeast Michigan Construction Academy (SEMCA) is the education affiliate of Associated Builders and Contractors Southeastern Michigan Chapter (ABC SEMI). The need for qualified construction professionals in today’s society and economy is growing exponentially each year; SEMCA can and will help prepare you by not only teaching you what you’re doing but why.


Our apprenticeship program offers four years of intense and trades specific training in the following crafts: electrical, carpentry, sheet metal and HVAC as well as a roofing program. Our instructors will assist you with hands on demonstrations as well as classroom learning.

Accreditation with the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) provides SEMCA with world-class craft training materials. In addition, the NCCER National Registry maintains trainees’ academic records, provides transcripts, and certificates that document their training accomplishments. The NCCER also provides skills assessments, construction management academics, and safety programs.



SEMCA is proud to list the following credentials which lend credence to the apprentice program:

  • Licensed with State of Michigan as a non-profit education program
  • Certified with the Department of Labor / Bureau of Apprenticeship
  • Certified with the Center for Construction Education Research (NCCER)
  • Approved training program for Veterans Administration (VA)
  • Certified with the State of Michigan Electrical Division 

To find out more about our apprenticeship programs as an employer or future apprentice, contact SEMCA at (248) 956-3305. 

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