Advice from Women in Construction


Women are building their careers in the construction industry, learning from colleagues and encouraging other women to explore construction as a field for a challenging, fulfilling career. Below is a roundup of advice we received from real women working in Michigan's construction industry.

Keep Learning

"I came from banking into construction with no experience and learned everything each step of the way."
Denise Aversa, Administrative Assistant, M.L. Chartier, Inc. 

"Be confident, be curious, and never stop learning. I would encourage young women who want to move up in an industry and are willing to be flexible to go for it."
Kari Johnson, Technical Services Representative, Consumers Concrete Corp.

"Don’t be intimidated by the lack of women in this field. Learn everything you can from the most experienced personnel around you."
Jodi Olesky, Project Engineer, M.L. Chartier, Inc.

Changing the Construction Industry

"I believe women bring a new perspective to the industry and are not afraid of making changes in moving our industry forward."
Melissa Kline, Sales Manager, Consumers Concrete Corp.

"Women have integrated fully into so many other fields. Why not construction? If more women entered the construction industry, this could help close the gap on the labor shortage."
Jodi Olesky, Project Engineer, M.L. Chartier, Inc. 

"The construction industry continues to grow, and there is always a shortage of people to fill these jobs. It only makes sense that women should be filling these positions, challenging the gender bias and paving the way for future generations of women to grow in this industry."
Rachele Woodruff, Concrete Scheduler, Superior Materials Holdings, LLC

Build Your Professional Reputation

"Be strong. Be Yourself. Work on creating a reputation for yourself."
Nancy Donahue, Quality Control Coordinator, Superior Materials Holdings, LLC

"Keep working and do your best. Don’t get discouraged because if this is a job you like, you will be happy."
Linda Black, Accounts Receivable, M.L. Chartier, Inc.


Help Build Your Community

"Construction lets you be a part of the world you live in by helping to build your town or city and giving you a feeling of accomplishment when you see a project in completion, knowing that you had a part in improving your community and making it better for future generations."
Rachele Woodruff, Concrete Scheduler, Superior Materials Holdings, LLC

"Construction is a place where an idea blossoms into a finished project that becomes home for a business or an individual." 
Melissa Kline, Sales Manager, Consumers Concrete Corp.

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