How to Make Construction Sexy

SEXY.jpgOne of the key reasons Michigan Construction started was because we believe that the world needs to know how cool and “sexy” construction really is. Last April, a group of business leaders challenged Michigan marketers to put the sizzle back in skilled trades. We are breaking down stereotypes commonly associated with the construction industry: Low Pay, Dirty, Dumb, Shallow, Uneducated, Unsafe. And yes, we hope to make plumbers sexy too.

At Michigan Construction, we believe by uniting the construction industry and marketing all of the sexy things the industry builds, we can change the way people view construction. This is how we do it:

Sexy infographic.jpgHire The Professionals

Creative is the key. To do it right it is expensive. It is THE MOST important aspect in telling construction’s story. We hired experts, just like you would for any great construction job. Except these experts were not experts in construction. They are experts at telling a story. Experts at seeing the beauty in a thing and bringing it to life in a passionate way. The fact is: Construction is already SEXY.

Develop A Really Cool Iconic Logo

Every great iconic brand has a sweet and memorable logo. When UNITING the construction industry, we needed a new logo. One that would represent the construction industry in its entirety. A logo that was simple. Distinct. Versatile. Targeted. And, timeless. In short, it should look good on a t-shirt.

Capture Unique Video

Construction does some cool stuff to get the job done. Michigan Construction was lucky enough to get onsite to film a quarry explosion in slow motion in our ROAD BEGINS commercial. We must capture on film the unique and unbelievable construction moments for the world to see. Newsflash: 3 minute time lapse videos are old news.

Construction Equipment Is Lit

Everyone loves construction equipment. There is just something about those giant machines that stirs up the wonder in all of us. Make sure your creative shows all of the amazing tools and tech that construction workers use each and every day and connect it to the future workforce. Check out our GAMERS video showing a group youths in Generation Z going from games to reality.

Real Life Action Shots

Construction is action. We literally change the world. Make the old new again or build something from nothing. Michigan Construction gains access to our partner’s companies and projects to show the incredible things that construction builds while showcasing the variety of careers that construction has to offer.

Use Real People & Smiling Faces

The beauty of construction lies in the people who work day in and day out striving to finish the job right and on time. The women and men that work hard and take pride in building a better Michigan.

Together Is Better

Michigan Construction is about UNITING the industry through our Partners. All areas of construction coming together, showing the amazing things we do. INSPRING a new generation to come aboard and igniting passion in those that are already a part of this great industry. Bringing hundreds of construction companies together on a single mission – CONNECT people across Michigan with a career in construction.

As Michigan Construction brings the sizzle showing the truly sexy side of the industry. We will change the way construction is seen through the eyes of parents, the next generation and those seeking a truly fulfilling career. Together we BUILD A BETTER MICHIGAN.

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