10 Reasons Why Construction Jobs in Michigan Rock

Posted by Heather Smith on Aug 7, 2017

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  1. Our seasons were built for this: Winter and Construction

We get it, Michigan winters sound miserable, but did you also know how much fun they can be? When construction season slows down, the slopes speed up. We offer a huge variety of winter activities from skiing to dog sledding and more. Michigan is a unique and exciting winter wonderland. When it stops snowing, the construction season starts.  That means just one thing to you as a skilled worker: work hard now, play hard later.

  1. There are more than 95,000 job openings

Roughly 40% of the workforce was laid off during the last recession and many of these workers never returned to the industry. With a rapidly aging workforce, baby-boomers continue to retire and the next generation isn’t there to take their place. This has left thousands of job openings for skilled laborers in Michigan.

  1. You have a higher earning potential even without a 4-year degree

This 2017 list from Business Insider shows the 25 highest-paying jobs that you can get without a bachelors degree, many of which are in the professional trades. Jobs like iron workers, heavy equipment operators, and plumbers can earn up to $75,000/year with a GED and on the job training programs or apprenticeships.

  1. Work near 3,288 miles of shoreline, 96,000 lakes, and 2,700 miles of trails

Michiganders are proud to be the Great Lakes State and the number one trail state in the nation. We like to think that Michigan is one of the more beautiful states to live and work in (and we’ll brag about it in every Pure Michigan commercial out there).

  1. Every day is something new – and we don’t just mean the weather

We’re working on everything from residential buildings, massive new sports stadiums and soon the next major bridge connecting the United States to Canada.  If you dreamed of working on a particular project, chances are it’s happening, or will be happening in Michigan at some point in time.

  1. There’s one organization dedicated to improving the construction industry in Michigan

Michigan Construction has only been around a year, and it’s been a big one. Michigan Construction helped directly connect over 3,000 people with resources for career or training opportunities. On top of that Michigan Construction has made over 37-million impressions across the state to promote the positive image of the construction industry.

  1. Detroit is one of America’s top 5 comeback cities.

Realtor.com has ranked Detroit as number four where the downtown area is making a comeback. When you think about what a city needs to make a comeback, the first thing that comes to our mind is improvements to the infrastructure. Improvements to a cities infrastructure are a direct result to the skilled labor force that is employed there. With so many job openings and a relatively low cost of living, you can be part of one of America’s most iconic cities big comeback.

  1. It’s basically two states in one which is great if you need variety at work

The Upper Peninsula and the Lower Peninsula are like two completely different worlds. Are you the outdoor type? Head “up North”. You can find work building log cabins, new accessible roadways, and bridges. Looking for the city life? The Lower Peninsula has you covered with major metropolitans like Detroit, Lansing, and Grand Rapids. Build skyscrapers, improve highways, or work for any number of outstanding construction companies. 

  1. It’s one of the top states for skills based Jobs

17.6% of our workforce is skills based jobs with 3.6% of that being in construction alone. This means we have roughly 163,000 people employed in construction in Michigan. If you’re looking for a state you can find long term career growth and stability in construction, Michigan is the state for you.

  1. Michigan is putting sexy back in construction.

One of the key reasons Michigan Construction started was because we believe that the world needs to know how cool and “sexy” construction really is. Last April, a group of business leaders challenged Michigan marketers to put the sizzle back in skilled trades. We are breaking down stereotypes commonly associated with the construction industry: Low Pay, Dirty, Dumb, Shallow, Uneducated, Unsafe. And yes, we hope to make plumbers sexy too.

So stop wasting your time looking for construction work somewhere else throughout the 50 states when you have the perfect opportunity right here in Michigan. Get out of your dead end job in your dying industry and join the industry that only has up to go… Michigan Construction.

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