Michigan's Construction Industry: By the Numbers

Posted by Heather Smith on Sep 29, 2017 7:46:58 AM

ByTheNumbers_BlogMasthead.pngMichigan is facing a crisis on the construction front – plenty of work and not nearly enough workers to do it. That’s according to the new report, “Michigan’s Construction Industry: By the Numbers,” recently released by the Michigan Construction Foundation.

This summer, Michigan simultaneously hit its lowest jobless rate and the lowest number of people working since 2000. Low unemployment is something to cheer about, but a shrinking pool of skilled laborers is not. According to the report, this dwindling labor force isn’t necessarily caused by a lack of able-bodied citizens; rather it cites a lack of participation, specifically by young workers who for different reasons are simply not entering the workforce as did generations past. In short, there are simply fewer people willing to work and the construction industry is taking it on the chin.

To begin addressing the problem,Michigan Construction takes a look at the many ways the construction industry varies across specializations, occupations and segments. The report provides a wealth of high-level information about Michigan’s four construction industry subsectors and five occupational categories, and deeper data about workers in each occupation and companies serving each sector.

The report frames the magnitude of the worker shortage situation and acknowledges that it’s time to face it and address it as an industry. “By the Numbers” lays the groundwork for an upcoming Michigan Construction report forecasting the construction industry workforce of the future. This second report is being produced in partnership with the Construction Association of Michigan (CAM) and will serve as a tool for employers and stakeholders in education, training and other areas of construction industry talent development.


Download your copy of “Michigan’s Construction Industry: By the Numbers” today and you will automatically receive the workforce forecast report when it becomes available.

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