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Michigan Construction partner Z Contractors Inc. was established in 2010 and is based in Shelby Township. Specializing in bridge and concrete construction, the company has built a highly skilled staff with Quality Construction and Uncompromised Safety. Z Contractors’ professionals include top level, industry-leading supervisors, project managers, foremen, carpenters, operators, and laborers. This developed team works well together due to the respect, dedication, and hard work of the entire company.

Regarding employee safety, Z-Contractors Inc. believes that no job or task is more important than worker health and safety. This statement is part of Z Contractors’ corporate mission. If a job represents a potential safety or health threat, every effort is made to plan a safe way to accomplish it. Every procedure can be and will be a safe procedure ensuring a safe environment for all employees.

Z Contractors is prequalified with the Michigan Department of Transportation and routinely works with local road commissions and municipalities to replace the bridges and roads that comprise Michigan’s infrastructure. Z Contractors delivers unsurpassed quality from demolition to foundation piling, sheeting, structural concrete, pump station rehabilitation, and construction. The company completes over $40 million in projects and is a member of MITA, a Michigan Construction partner, and more.

Z Contractors Inc. projects include:

  • Blue Water Bridge — Overlay of the Blue Water Bridge, Port Huron to Sarnia, Ontario.
  • M1 Rail Detroit — Construction of Woodward bridges over I-75 and I-94 Detroit.
  • Ambassador Bridge Connector — Completion of the missing link between the Ambassador Bridge and I-75 Interstate in Detroit.
  • Livernois Bridge — Bridge replacement in Oakland County.
  • 13 Mile Bridge — Bridge replacement on 13 Mile in Oakland County.
  • Sebewaing — Bridge replacement in Sebewaing, setting precast box beams.
  • ACM, Ypsilanti — Highway speed loop bridges.

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