LEVY Joins the Michigan Construction Movement

Posted by Heather Smith on Feb 12, 2021

Michigan Construction is proud to welcome the Levy Group of Companies to the movement that is uniting the industry and changing the way people connect with careers in construction.

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Construction Technology: How COVID has Shown that Your Construction Crews are Ready to Use Tech in the Field

Even if you’ve done your research and calculated your ROI, there still can be some doubt that a new tech tool will have the impact you’re hoping for. Will it work like it should? Will your crew even use it?

SPARK helped deploy a digital form to more than 650 construction job sites in 2020. What was the result? The data shows that your crews ARE READY to use digital tools! 

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Construction Technology: Why Invest in a Semi-Custom Solution for Field Tech

Digital tools are quickly changing today’s job sites and operations. Accurate and quick data from your field crew — like their time on a job, equipment used, and overall progress — can improve decision-making, boost your bottom line, and be a competitive advantage.

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Construction Technology: Spark Business Works

Posted by Heather Smith on Oct 16, 2020

Michigan Construction is excited to announce our newest partner Spark Business Works! SPARK creates custom software, digital products and strategic design that help construction companies update their processes and brands.

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Construction Technology: The True ROI of Connecting Your Field Crews to Your Office Team with Tech

While the construction industry has lagged in technology adoption, factors like labor shortages, a pandemic, and new technology options have created the urgency for leaders to innovate.

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Construction Technology: How to Leverage Technology for Time and Field Data Collection

Most construction firms still struggle with tracking and using field data required to operate the business. You rely on paper forms and spreadsheets to track workers, jobs, and equipment. Other data comes in through word of mouth. You stick with these methods because they’re familiar..

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Michigan Construction Employers - 3 Tips For Taking Your Communication to the Next Level

Posted by Holly Shaw on Aug 21, 2020

In construction, communication pays. You need to communicate with new and potential clients to outline expectations and handle any problems, and you need good communication within your company to streamline projects and make sure everything is on track.

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7 Michigan Construction Safety Tips

Posted by Holly Shaw on Jul 31, 2020

Millions of people work in construction jobs all over the U.S. and abroad. The work that construction workers perform is essential to the growth of the economy and the building of complete infrastructure in many cities today. Though these jobs can be very rewarding for those of you who enjoy creating something out of nothing, these are also high risks jobs that can lead to injuries and fatalities. Therefore, before a construction employee walks on a construction site, it is important that they are trained in safety rules, guidelines and laws.

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A Guide to Construction Safety

Posted by D.E. Gemmill on Jul 22, 2020

Construction work comes with dangers a desk-based job doesn't present. For those who own construction businesses, workers' well-being is at the front of their minds.

What are some of the safety precautions on a construction site? What are best practices for construction safety? Continue reading for "A Guide to Construction Safety."

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Michigan Construction Gives 1,500+ Construction-Related Books to Teachers Across Michigan

Posted by Heather Smith on Apr 3, 2020

The Truckload of Books celebration to promote reading and showcase construction careers continues to grow with 1,500 applicants this year, making it the biggest year ever.

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