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Michigan Construction Career Days: May 1-2, 2019

Posted by Heather Smith on Apr 15, 2019


Michigan Construction is proud to be involved with Michigan Construction Career Days, taking place on May 1-2, 2019! This is a great opportunity to expose students to various career opportunities in the construction industry. We're pumped to show students in grades 7-12 just how cool construction jobs in Michigan really are!

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Work Zone Safety Awareness Week is April 8-12

Posted by Heather Smith on Apr 8, 2019

We’ve all heard the joke about Michigan having two seasons, winter and orange barrels, but when the barrels do appear it’s time to get serious about work zone safety. This year, the week of April 8-12, 2019 is the dedicated time to remind us all: Work Zone Safety: Everybody’s Responsibility.

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Topics: National Work Zone Awareness Week, Construction Industry, Construction Safety

9th Annual Construction Science Expo - May 21, 2019

Posted by Heather Smith on Apr 1, 2019

The 9th Annual Construction Science Expo is introducing Detroit middle and high school students to the construction and engineering industry through a day of hands-on and interactive exploratory experiences and conversations. The event was founded in 2011 in partnership with the Black Caucus Foundation, MITA, ACEC and the Operating Engineers 324 and was established to inform kids that being a skilled laborer remains a highly-valued profession. Overall, the Construction Science Expo has touched more than 8,000 kids through the years and has even helped provide job opportunities to those who are highly motivated and want to get their careers started right away.

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MDOT Celebrates Women in Construction

Posted by Heather Smith on Mar 7, 2019

Construction has long been considered a men-only industry, but that stereotype is being eroded by a small but growing group of women. These are smart, dedicated and passionate women who have found construction to be the perfect career for them. They are making inroads for other women to follow, and they’re doing it because they are female, not in spite of it. If you have ever wondered what a career in construction would be like, take it from two women with the Michigan Department of Transportation — it’s a great life!

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Topics: Women in Construction

The Women of Team Elmer’s: Taking the High Road

Posted by Heather Smith on Mar 4, 2019

In northern Michigan, Team Elmer’s is practically a household name as one of the largest, oldest and most respected construction firms in the area. Providing excavation, concrete, Esphalt™, aggregate, heavy hauling, and crane and rigging services, Team Elmer’s makes a point of hiring great people who love their jobs.

That includes some pretty exceptional women who are driving hard (literally) to prove women have what it takes to make a career behind the wheel of a multi-ton construction vehicle.

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Topics: Women in Construction

Win a Truckload of Books for Reading Month!

Posted by Heather Smith on Feb 14, 2019

Teaching is a tough job, and super rewarding, when given the right tools. Michigan Construction understands hard work and the need for the right equipment and we want to help! Last year, in partnership with many of our awesome partners, we gave away 10 Tonka size truckloads of elementary level construction books to deserving teachers across Michigan. The contest was so successful, that we're bringing it back this year! Elementary and preschool teachers can enter their classrooms for a chance to win a truckload of books by filling out the form on this page. Each winner will receive 10 books chosen specifically for their class level.  The following books are an example of the selection you may receive:

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Merlo Construction

Posted by Heather Smith on Feb 7, 2019


At Merlo Construction we pride ourselves on unparalleled quality workmanship and attention to detail. From our field specialists to our support personnel to our administrative staff, our experienced team of professionals brings their broad knowledge and innovative ideas to every project. In addition, we implement our proprietary workflow systems and efficient production methods to ensure projects stay on schedule and on budget.

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Detroit Workforce of the Future

Posted by Heather Smith on Dec 6, 2018

As Michigan's weather changes over to winter, the snow beginning to fly, and the transportation construction season winds down, companies are in the process of forecasting their labor needs for the 2019 construction season. The recent reality continues to persist as construction companies review their workforce; we need more laborers in our industry and where do we find them?

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Construction Jobs in Michigan: All State Crane and Rigging

Posted by Heather Smith on Nov 19, 2018

Michigan Construction would like to welcome our newest partner, All State Crane and Rigging.  All State Crane and Rigging is one of Michigan’s premier crane, rigging and trucking companies.  Founded in West Michigan, but truly living up to the “All State” name with projects completed in every corner of the country.  They offer all types of exciting career opportunities.

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Michigan Construction Partners Active in Workforce Training

Posted by Heather Smith on Nov 7, 2018

Creating ground-up programs to interest and train young people in construction trades is an enormous task, but one that is beginning to reap rewards. During the past year in Michigan, two programs have shown promise in helping the construction industry and the students learn how to train for a trade and create careers for a strong future.

Among the most important aspects of the programs was the participation and commitment by many Michigan Construction Partners. These companies and organizations recognize that their willingness to actively promote the programs, provide hands-on experiences, contribute their expertise, and ultimately provide jobs for graduates is key to success and to rebuilding the workforce.

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