Uniting the Construction Industry


One of the reasons that the construction industry is having difficultly growing its workforce is the lack of connectivity and unity across the industry as a whole. There are a lot of individual associations and independent companies all with initiatives underway to address this issue. With the multitude of programs offered, many are designed to fill a selective need or meet a certain criteria. The programs being offered are great ways to enter the construction industry, but they are not an interconnected resource. A multitude of small initiatives is an ineffective method when trying to get noticed by this next generation of workers.

An industry wide effort to connect these programs and unite the industry under a single promoted brand is essential in order to garner the attention that the construction industry needs. In addition, many of our young people today have grown up in a society that portrays a college education as the only path to success. 

Our industry needs to provide a unified source of information, a hub that helps students, parents, educators and others connect with careers and programs offered by the construction industry as whole. Under a united front, a brand that includes all areas of construction, we can have a large voice and a noticeable presence that can be marketed efficiently and effectively across the state.

If our state’s future workforce truly understands the numerous opportunities and diversity of careers, perhaps we can begin to reverse the trends that are adversely impacting our ability to attract and retain future talent.

Click here to see how the Michigan Construction Initiative is doing just this.

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