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"We need to think differently about career tech education, enhancing the value these programs can bring to students and the community as a whole."  -- Governor Rick Snyder

Join the Michigan Career Pathways Alliance and help make the changes necessary to rebuild the construction talent pipeline in your local secondary school.  Go to www.Michigan.gov/MICareerPathways and register today. 

Michigan's Dept. of Talent & Economic Develoment (TED) continues to grow the Michigan Career Pathway Alliance (MICPA) while promoting careers in the professional trades through the Going PRO campaign

Construction employers can get involved in this statewide initiative by registering as an employer here.  View of list of 17 recommendations being enacted to boost the productivity of Michigan's K-12 education system to help create students better prepared to enter the professional trades. 

Doing so puts you in the room with decisions makers across the talent development system as we all work together to tackle the construction talent gap plaguiing the industry and constraining economic growth of our state. 

Michigan Construction is a MICPA partner and fully support the Going PRO campaign.    

Be part of our growing list of supporters by completing the alliance member checklist and sending to Dan Olsen or simply sign up here.

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